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Heaven Sent Book Three: Vengeance

Hell’s First Army is rampaging across Earth.

Kelly O'Mara's family has paid the ultimate price in this battle between between Heaven and Hell. Now, Kelly is desperate to pull her shattered family back together. 

To survive, Deborah is forced to build alliances with sworn enemies. Genevieve is frantically racing to save as many humans as possible from the wrathful demonic invasion. Kelly must face her deepest fears to become the heroine she was always destined to be.

Follow the O'Mara family into the explosive final battle against Hell. Many will die in pursuit of...VENGEANCE

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Heaven Sent Book Two: Hellbound

Hell’s First Army has been preparing a thousand years to reign terror upon this Earth.


For centuries Deborah O’Mara and her siblings have been faithful followers of their brethren in Heaven. After Hell murders an Archangel, Deborah begins to question her very mission as a Guardian.

Rescuing a Sentinel means Deborah will have to shatter The Accord reigniting an age-old Celestial War. She must choose between love & loyalty and find the strength to live with the consequences.

Battling new enemies, forging desperate alliances, and burdened with a soul-crushing betrayal, Deborah is tempted to pursue the path of the Fallen. Her family races to intervene, but they may be too late to stop her from becoming…HELLBOUND. 

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Heaven Sent Book One: Atonement

To Hell, this world is fractured and faithless, perfectly ripe for the picking. Sent by Heaven, Guardians defend against a malevolent onslaught of demonic intrusion. For hundreds of years the nine siblings of the O’Mara family have been engaged in this merciless battle, fighting to protect the souls of all humanity.

Heaven and Hell have been waging this infernal war bound only by the rules of a contentious accord. On the anniversary of her husband Gabriel’s disappearance, Genevieve O’Mara’s lingering sorrow manifests into a murderous rage unfurled upon a demon. Vengeance is coming, not just for Genevieve, but for all those she loves.


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