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Meet the O'Mara Family


The O'Mara family are a group of nine siblings, Guardians sent from Heaven to protect all humanity from Hell's malevolent deeds. The Heaven Sent book series focuses on the three sisters, Genevieve, Deborah & Kelly. Each sibling is marked with a symbol that glows white hot when a human they are connected to is in danger. 

Genevieve O'Mara
Crown of Thorns on her left wrist
"Tell all the things you encounter in Hell, if they come for the humans, then we'll be coming for them."

Rose 2.jpg
Deborah O'Mara
A Rose on her left shoulder 
"We don't question why we we're called to the people we are. Besides, who decides when you have enough Heavenly protection?"

Anchor pic.jpg
Kelly O'Mara
An Anchor on her left arm


"Yesterday, I would have said a meeting with Death, inside the Vatican Library, was just plain silly"

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