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I was a vendor for the first time at FanExpo Boston this year. It was my first time anywhere selling my books. It was an amazing experience. I had the opportunity to meet so many people while connecting with talented authors and artists who were also at the show.

I thought the organizers did an incredible job putting together a show during such tumultuous times. The tables were spaced out and not connected to one another as in years past. The aisles were setup wider to give additional space for navigation during peak hours and all attendees, workers, and vendors wore face masks. My husband and I had hand sanitizer on our tables, as did many other vendors.

The crowd was significantly less than 2019 and there were probably half as many vendors, but we still had such a fun time. I cannot thank the people that stopped by my table enough. They listened to my “pitch” (which still needs work by the way, LOL), they were so patient! I’m grateful for all those that purchased my books and or signed up for my newsletter. I sold out of the exclusive FanExpo boxes that my husband designed and I sold more books than I was expecting. It was such a supportive environment. If you’re in a financial position to do so I cannot recommend it enough.

To be fair, it is not cheap to have a table at these events, especially if you want more than one or if you are wanting an endcap. My husband and I figure we’ll do the Boston event once a year for a few years and see how it goes before committing to travel to other cities for shows. If you write in the Fantasy/Sci-Fi/Horror genres I would recommend looking into a show in your area. If you want more information on FanExpo Boston below is the link.

We wanted to support the stores that are carrying my book(s) so I offered a giveaway to anyone who signed up for my mailing list/blog. Congratulations to Kate & Everton for winning Amazon gift cards. To Chelsea who won a Paper Store gift card. To Melissa for winning an All She Wrote gift card and to Sarah for winning a gift card to Tatnuck Booksellers.

If you have done any shows or events to sell your books, reach out or comment. I would love to hear your thoughts on the best venues to showcase your work. I hope everyone is enjoying the last bits of summer as the leaves are near ready to turn up here in the Northeast of the USA.

All the best,

JL Rothstein

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