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The Editing Process

I was able to save enough money to hire a professional editor. I used the services on Reedsy Marketplace, which I do recommend to any novice pursuing publication. There are lot of free tips and tools out on the Reedsy website. Based on everything I have read you want to present your best work during the initial agent/publisher query process.

I feel fortunate enough to be able to do this for my first novel, which is book one in a three-book series. There are so many things you’re not apt to catch if you’re the one doing the writing. Having said that, I can tell you as someone currently going through this process, be prepared. The feedback you get from an editor may not be what you want to hear. I hired someone who told me upfront how detailed and thorough she would be. That sounded like a good thing, and it is, but….it’s been hard, seeing how much needed to be cut, changed or re-done. It’s all in the pursuit of having a better more polished version of the manuscript, but it’s not easy. We all want to feel like our final draft is good and nearly ready for publication, but that’s probably rarely the case.

Be open, stay positive and be willing to take most, if not all, the advice given. I am learning that this process might just be one of the most important to my growth as a writer.

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