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Marketing Madness

My debut novel is out and the e-book is available for download on Monday 06/01/20. I recently started a campaign to reach readers. There was lots of advice, from both published and self-published sources. There are blog posts and websites, like goodreads, and of course social media. All in all, it truly is a sea of madness trying to figure out how to reach your audience. You know they're out there, so why is this so difficult?

If you are fortunate and saved up some money, perhaps you thought you could purchase Ads on Facebook and Amazon that would reach your audience. Maybe you were like me and sought an artist to produce an amazing cover. I went through Reedsy and found Jeff Brown. His cover for my book Atonement is amazing and people have reacted quite positively to it on social media. After all the time and money spent chasing leads, his cover just might turn out to be my best investment.

What they aren't tell you is this, there is no magic wand. You can pay for Ads, you can create blogs, you can beg all your family and friends to purchase your book, but that won't be enough. If you want to be successful you need to buckle up mentally and just take the ride.

Yes, work hard to build followings on social media, but not because you expect those people to buy your book. If you are newly self-published you shouldn't be expecting anyone to do anything for you. They don't know you nor your work. Build up social media to interact with other authors and learn the business. Be open to interviews no matter the size of the audience. Give away books and promotional material. Reach out and participate in local events when possible. More than anything, dig down and find your well of patience, because you're going to need it. The truth might end up being that you aren't the one to find your audience. You do your best, keep writing, reach out to the world then......they find you.

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